Impasto mediums

I would like to know what mediums people use to create the thick brush strokes in their paintings. Please include brand names.

Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto in a 200ml tube. Or else just ever such a lot of paint :blush:.

Thank you for responding to my question

This might be helpful. I use Rublev products for this.

I use Gamblin’s Stand Oil or Cold Wax. Both have different effects and processes. You can go to Gamblin’s website for more info.
***If you intend to varnish your work make sure your painting has dried thoroughly before you varnish, otherwise you you can ‘melt’ the texture.

Kristine, Thank you for the info. Cold Wax? I saw it when I ordered supplies but haven’t tried it before. I do need to check out the Gamblin website too.

Try liguin imposto. It works great and the brushstrokes do not flatten.

Just tried it out today & really like it!