I'm suspicious of 'view's and 'buy' stats

When I post a painting it immediately receives multiple ‘views’ and ‘buy’ statistics on the Traffic page, I instantly received eleven with my latest post. Why is this? How can it be so instant? Does anyone know? I post to FB, Wordpress and Pintrest, sometimes Instagram, as well. The multiple and immediate views and busy is a relatively new phenomena for my account, I used to receive these at a much slower rate, certainly not upon posting. Something’s fishy?
By the way, sales are extremely slow in the face of apparent interest in my paintings.

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@jeankrueger, while I can’t tell you why you are suddenly getting unexpected views or why they are not translating into sales, I can absolutely promise you that nothing is fishy on our (DPW’s) side of things. I can do this because I wrote every single line of code in DPW, including the code that tracks clicks and views.

You mentioned you also post your work to FB, WP, and Pinterest - do you have links there back to the artwork in DPW? If so, that may be funneling traffic to your work DPW. Another possibility, and one difficult for me to control, is that more and more the web is literally crawling with, what are called, “web crawlers”. The include the well known Google Searchbot, however there are hundreds of others. These are automated software that “crawl” the web, link to link, doing who knows what. Unfortunately, these crawlers can skew statistics. I do filter out the known ones, however, there is no requirement for these “crawlers” to be known. Well, so that’s a theory. I don’t know if it is the explanation here, but it may be.

As I think and write about this, I am seeing a way I can better identify these crawlers and filter them out. I will definitely put it on my to do list.


Whenever I share a painting on Pinterest and Facebook, I immediately get at least a few views. I attribute this to Pinterest somehow “viewing” the image in order to process it on their site. (Same with Facebook.) It has been like this ever since I started on DPW.

I’m not noticing errant “Buy” hits, however. I usually get 2 “Buy” views right before a sale. Occasionally someone will look but not buy and then I’ll get two views that way. It’s been that way since the start.

Hey, David,
Isn’t it also possible that in the course of posting a painting, editing and checking the text and so on, there is some back-and-forth between the artist’s grid or their blog or other source? That would mean some clicks might be accounted for by the artist themself. I’m on hiatus from DPW right now, but when I posted my work, I’d tend to go back and forth, checking that the posting was correct, any imbedded links were functional. Plus I’d subsequently verify how the painting appeared on the front page as well.

And, no, ‘views’ don’t necessarily translate into sales, but I believe they have value. A browser who chooses to take a closer look is still paying me a compliment.


I tweet mine, pinterest it and also post to many Facebook art groups that I belong to…that doesn’t mean sales, it just means views and perhaps one person might be interested enough to buy. I have one on DPW now that is on auction starting at $8 has well over 100 views and buys and not one bid. That’s how its been going lately. (shrug)

@adamsonart, if you are signed into your DPW account in the browser in which you are viewing or interacting with your art in DPW, then your clicks will not be recorded as traffic.

Good to know, David. So there were more ‘views’ than I’d thought!

I used to be a member with my own website on here but it did nothing for me so I took it down.