I'm here for other reasons than just selling paintings

There are a lot of good reasons for me to belong to DPW besides selling paintings. Here are some of the reasons I’m here:

  1. I get to look at a couple of hundred new paintings a day and learn from them.
  2. I can connect to other artists. I enjoy writing the notes of appreciation for art that moves me.
  3. The Challenges and Monthly Contest are motivating…it’s good to have a stake in the game.
  4. I have an online gallery I can refer people to.
  5. I enjoy reading the many opinions of artists on Art Talk. I’ve had some of my questions answered very thoughtfully.

I do understand that lots of painters need to sell their art to pay for food and my heart goes out to them because it is tough and getting tougher. DPW has lots of ways of feeding my spirit.

I don’t know David and Carol Marine and they haven’t prompted me to write this note. I would encourage them to look at other ways to grow the community so it feeds the other needs artists have.


I agree with the reasons Terri-Anne has just said. DPW is a good place for me. I find it motivating when I receive comments about my work and it inspires me to post something new every day. Ok…sometimes I have to live at a gallop to do this but I manage at the moment.

I show my work on Instagram and have a daily blog which keeps me active too. Local art shows are useful to build a ‘following’ and I enjoy the contact with other artists.

David and the team do a wonderful job with the website. Thank you to them all.

I agree with both of you! Except about looking at other ways to grow the community…I think it’s perfect and all for $12.95!! :smiley:


I enjoyed reading your list of ways you feel supported on DPW and I share your views. For me, it provides and opportunity to get out of my own head and into the creative space of others, which feels like I am connecting to other artists. You mentioned that you have an online gallery to refer folks to. How did you build that gallery? I am having compatibility issues trying to use the DPW site, but I would love to be able to refer people to an online gallery. Thanks!

Suzanne…when I referred to my online gallery I meant my gallery of paintings here on DPW. The link to my gallery pops up if friends search my name on the internet. I can tell them to go to the DPW website and search by my last name there. Either way gets them to my gallery of paintings which has the essential information about each painting and my contact information.

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This is a high class well planned website, with numerous artists of all types.
I enjoy viewing others art, some of whom I greatly admire.
Its also a convenient source of cataloging my work… I have so many items, I sometimes forget the dimensions or the media used, (or even the title!) it is useful to go on the site to look up info on a piece!


Agree Terri the motivation I get from the site is one of the main reasons I am here too.

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Me too…I have been so happy with the site and getting to know other painters.

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I needed to read your thoughts today. Painters block and not doing too well in the sales department but if I focus on the other artistic perks then I am sitting pretty:)

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I’ve been a member of DPW for a few almost a year now, but just starting posting my art for sale on this site. This is all new to me and I’m a bit nervous how things will go, but I agree with all of you that this is a great site for all of the reasons mentioned. Everyone is so talented and I love looking at all the different art.