Idea for a new tab for WORKSHOPS

David and Carol-

FIRST let me tell you how much I love this site. I start every morning on DPW admiring and trying to be inspired by the many wonderful artists that have committed to Daily Painting. My suggestion is why not add a tab where DPW members can list upcoming workshops that they are teaching? When I see an artist I like I often will go to their website to see if they offer workshops and where they are from. I was so sad when I read that Carol had taught her last Still Life Workshop, it was on my bucket list. :slightly_frowning_face:
Thank you for considering this idea-

Stephanie Penman


i had hoped to take a workshop too. i love carol’s work.

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@slyk706, thank you for the kind words and the suggestion!

While we don’t have a dedicated “Workshops” tab, you can search for artists who teach workshops on the Artists page. I do see that it would be better to have a page that would actually list the workshops across artists and allow searching by location. I’ll explore this with David.