I have created an art website for my pet portraits, now what is the next step to build traffic?

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to proceed ? My website is bonniehaigartist.com . I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions.

This should get you started.

Thanks Connie. Does everyone usually pay to get listed in the search engines?

Oh, gosh, sorry, I’m glad you asked. No, absolutely not! If you read further, you will see that there are other ways to build traffic and that paying for search engine optimization (SEO) it is NOT recommended. Look at the suggestions that do not involve paying someone. Here’s one list. Here’s another.

Exceptions might be a Facebook (or some other very economical) ad targeting the specific (buying) audience you want to reach. I would start by doing everything possible to reach buyers in your local area. I should have added this word to the search. But watch the dates–some articles are outdated.

I recently was telling mostly younger classmates (in a non-art-related program) a little about my art. The first thing someone asked is “Are you on Instagram?”.

Hey @bhaig6, were you asking about building traffic in general to your work or build traffic to your web site? I have done it all, and it is a whole lot easier using social media like facebook. And yes, Instagram, some use Twitter-the younger people. (Ha, I sound like an old fart!), and link them all together with your web site.

If you do too many things, you may not have time to keep them updated which is my problem. I also have Pinterest.
For myself, I find I have pared it all down to include DPW, facebook and blogger. (blogger.com)

And every email has my sig at the bottom:


Include a card with your sales with these important ways to find your work. LOTS more marketing ideas in this very topic you have posted your question in. http://arttalk.dailypaintworks.com/c/the-business-of-selling-art/marketing

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I get a lot of my views from Instagram. Its easy to reach more people with hashtags. Facebook isn’t that helpful for me.

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Thank you Sunny for the idea of putting the link under every email.

Sure! I also send a couple business cards with every piece of art I ship in the thank you card. Got them from Moo.com and they also have my blog link, email etc instead of a physical address like most do since I only sell online.

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They look wonderful Sunny. I will look into Moo and get some printed. I have previously made my own but it all takes time…away from painting.

And you can’t beat the quality of these, one side shows the info, the other I think I have 4 different images on. so you get double sided and the backs can be up to 4-5 designs for he same price. I love them! Got the tip from Karen Margulis.

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