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Http://artistofthemonth.net/classifieds/ Has anyone heard of this?

I just listed a link there to my DPW gallery. I am hoping to draw more buyers to my website.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’d never heard of it and don’t see how many potential buyers would. Looks like an individual in Utah whose site (practically unnavigable and doesn’t even show artists’ names) gets 73 visitors/day, the Facebook page about 300–mostly other artists. http://3.tritti.com/artistofthemonth.net

The contest, for which he/she charges $10/entry and pays one monthly winner $100 appears to be an attempted money-maker aimed at hopeful artists. It all looks pretty unprofessional and small-time to me. JMO

Wow side note, @Connie_McLennan, that tritti link is very interesting. Good resource, thanks!

@dmunsch I have never entered if it costs $ except for DPW of course. :wink: