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How will you know it sold

Hello…If I have to mark my piece as sold when it sells and it is not automatic, how will I know that it sold?
Because I will receive an email from PayPal telling me it sold???
Thank you

How to Set Up Your PayPal Checkout for DPW

“4. DPW will send both you and your buyer a convenient and easy to understand purchase confirmation email.”

As Connie says, if you are selling through DPW, either auction or buy-it-now, you get an e-mail telling you the painting has sold and then you can whoop and holler and the whole street will know you have sold, but perhaps that is just me. Also, my experience is that under these circumstances the painting is automatically marked as sold by DPW.
If you are using DPW to showcase but selling elsewhere via a link to eBay or Etsy or something, then I imagine those sites will send you an e-mail, then you can go into your Paintworks and mark it as sold yourself.