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How well do you sell online?

Just a curious question. I find that I sell much better in galleries and shows than I do on the web. Is it possible to do all your selling online I wonder. While it does seem to be the easier route, it also seems to have many more complications…technical things, proper photos, scams, ect…just wondering if anyone is making it just online?

I’m not “making it” either in gallery or on line right now; but in the last two months things have greatly improved and I’ve sold two from gallery and two on line. I’m hoping this is positive trend will continue and grow.


Yes there are people who sell a lot online (not me) at prices that support them but one never really knows. There are now so many artists selling online that you have to really stand out, talent wise and name-recognition-wise to sell a lot. It takes really understanding online marketing (and doing what is necessary - time consuming). You’ll notice also that many artist move toward teaching either online or in person which makes them more money as well as gets their artwork known. But don’t give up hope! I’m beginning to enter into shows to get more exposure, as well as continuing to take classes to improve my skills.

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I sell more in galleries. I believe we all have to do a little of each. That said it’s pretty unpredictable and erratic. I have to get in more galleries. I know if I were in 10 galleries It would become more likely that I’d be selling steadily.

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I visited a gallery a couple of weeks ago and my online gallery came in handy. The gallery owner looked at my DPW gallery online while I was there and said she was interested in seeing my paintings. I brought in about 10 paintings and the owner took ten of them to hang in her store. She sold one of the paintings. I think DPW is a handy way of showing my work to friends and family as well as using the link to show my work to potential buyers. I haven’t used the auction process on DPW and I don’t expect I will sell many paintings to people without that option. Still, DPW is really useful for giving people a one stop shop look at the art I have available.


I usually sell better online when I am working in new paintings and posting them to my Facebook page, as well. The more we reach out, the more likely we are to sell. That being known, we have to keep trying new things, like approaching business owners to get our paintings seen, teaching classes, online or in person, and networking. You never know when a contact will decide now is the time to buy one of your paintings, maybe it takes years of showing your work, but the more avenues we market ourselves, the more exposure. Also, they need to be smart moves, not just throwing ourselves out in every venue, but choosing them wisely.

Want to share this video from RedDot blog http://mentorship.artbusinessacademy.net/?p=23
It is very insightful from a gallery owner’s perspective.

It is slow for me too. I recently took the risk of hiring an art manager to build a web site and advise me. She got me a guest showing at a local gallery so I am painting like crazing.
I do find DPW drives more eyes to my new web site plus Carol Marine’s book is paper back full of knowledge.
Wishing us both luck.

This is great news! I’m excited for you. I do like DPW and I need to re-read Carol’s book again.