How to tell who pinned your paintings on pinterest

I noticed that a lot of my paintings have new pins. I was able to see who pinned them before (and track to see how far the images went) but I can’t remember how to do it. When I click on the number of pins, it takes me to MY pinterest page instead of to the people who pinned it. Anyone know how to do this? To be specific, I seem to remember I used to be able to do it from dailypaintworks, not from pinterest.

It used to be the little talking bubble at the top right with the three dots in it, when you click it it shows notifications. That’s where I’ve seen it though I don’t use pinterest much except to pin my own artwork thru DPW.

Since you asked, I checked and it isn’t there anymore. What I did find though is cool! Check it: I don’t really know the ins and outs but I did go there and click on an image, then on top of that image was a pencil, send and the third one looks like a graph or analytics, clicked that and it gave me lots more info like saves, pins, etc.


Thanks! I appreciate it. I will check it out.

You can just type your name and the name of the painting that you think has been pinned into the Pinterest searchbox and see if your painting appears. Unfortunately, since they introduced ‘secret’ folders into pinterest a while back, and someone has pinned to a secret folder you won’t be able to see it. The other disadvantage with secret folders is that I don’t think paintings get shared around as much.

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