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How to send 6x6 oil varnished paintings; dry time?

How do you ship multiple 6x6 oil paintings in hot temps? I have two 6x6 oils and one acrylic traveling from San Diego across to Palm Beach, Fla. How can I protect these from packaging touching paintings and sticking? Oils and varnish seem to be the issue for me. Thanks DPW new friends.

Paula, I wrote about how I send varnished oil paintings in a related top (link below). I work on 1/8 inch wood panels, but this method could be adapted for shipping canvases, as well. I’d use strips of rigid foam to make the “cradle” for the painting, and I’d probably send the paintings separately. Feel free to contact me if you want a more specific description of my shipping method.

Hi Paula,
I have sent oil paintings together with a high quality wax paper,( the kind that we find behind the self sticking labels) in between. They dont stick. I dont varnish my paintings because of the conflicting opinions about the same, I heard that applying cold wax medium as a final layer serves the purpose of varnish, I am yet to try it out.

Thank you all so much! I was wanting to find a good use for the slick paper left from my shipping labels! Genius. I ended up using the palette paper, which is probably the same thing.

The reason I used a light coat of varnish is that in the past that’s what I was told to do, haha. I am interested in this wax process, will have to look into that.