How to remedy a broken oil paint cap on a tube

I was given a large tube of DVP titanium white oil paint that was never used. It is about 20+ years old and appears to be in very good shape. The problem is the cap. The inside thread on the cap is cracked and the cap turns on itself. I haven’t squeezed any out of the tube yet, but looking at it I can see it is fine and appears to have a nice consistency. Any suggestions on how not to have titanium white all over the place when I use this? Thanks!

Buy an empty paint tube for $1 and use the cap if it fits or or transfer the paint.

Thank you Connie. Great suggestion.

Or clean the cap from a used tube of paint and use that.


I’ve learned to save a few paint caps from used up paint tubes, especially if they are fairly clean. I was Plein Aire painting one time on a wooden walk way near a waterfall and I dropped a cap through the boards! I had to make do with some duck tape for the rest of the trip.

Thanks everyone. I did find the correct size cap on something I am going to discard.
Problem solved.

I closed the lid to my plein air box on some of my paint once and broke some of the caps. I wrote to the company (I think it was Grumbacher?) and the sales rep sent me free a bunch of caps! That was nice!


a suggestion is to keep some of the caps from tubes which are finished.

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Yes, I do that for sure. Always a good idea!

I have wrapped oil paint tubes that have lost their caps in saran wrap and it keeps them ok for quite a while. (Wrap closely and secure).

You can also purchase empty tubes (they are open at the end and you crimp it closed after filling).
I also use these empty tubes for holding special mixes of paint, or creating small tubes (from large tubes) to take in the field.