How to paint like Carol Marine, Tim Horn, etc

Hi Experts!

I have great admiration for lots of styles of painting, but am really drawn to the style that Carol and others have, using big strokes of gorgeous color.
My question is, do artists that paint in this beautiful way do it alla prima, or do they let the strokes dry and then add more? I would love to paint in this style, but when I try, everything gets muddy.

I am a rank beginner so it may be a dumb question but I am really curious!

They’re alla prima, relatively short session. One key is using enough paint to lay on strokes without mushing them into the paint below.
If you go to the Art Tutorials, Carol offers several demos. One with video only is free, but for only $10-15, you might want to consider some with voice over.


Carol Marine’s book is also great if you want to paint that style. Another is Patti Mollica’s DVDs.

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Not a dumb question at all. I am still trying to learn and have found that keeping a rag handy and writing off my brush, (like almost every other brush stroke) and before I reload my brush helps a ton at keeping the colors from getting muddy.

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