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How to make your own painting video

I would love to have someone describe how to make an art video (say - in your studio or while you paint outside). It could be great if someone could do an Art Byte of that too.
Elisabeth Seeger

You may find some interesting stuff on James Gurney’s blog

I like this blog, lots of nuggets here! Thanks @jderycke.

@elisabeth_seeger I have long wanted to do a art video, not because of the teaching (I’m no teacher) but to give a glimpse of the art being made like I have enjoyed other artists’ vids. And to sell more art , because vids can sell art.

At the end I decided that although I may one day make a video, it was much more important to explore painting further and enjoy the little time I do have to paint. The last thing I want is to learn something ELSE that takes me away from painting.

From what I have observed, there are lots of ways to do an art video. Just plant the camera and turn it on=done. Add background music, over titles, or instruction. Speed up the time, and a combo of all of that. So perhaps if you observe other’s videos and when you like something-do a search for that element howto…

I myself plan to bribe one of my kids someday.

Thank you, Johan! Will check that out.

I did a little digging for ya!

Here’s the posts on James Gurney’s blog with label video:
Sometimes he describes an aspect of how his video was made in the post or in the video.

Thank again, Johan - that looks very promising. I will look at that tomorrow - did a little video but sound was wimpy and I need some sort of editing software. I appreciate you taking time to look that up for me

I made about 15 art videos but nothing that was really instructional. My most popular one has over 216,000 views. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/Hd6WbS_7ouk I didn’t want to bore people with a 2 hr. video, so I made it time-lapse.

Casey Neistat is a fun vlogger to watch and learn from. He has a few tutorials too on equipment and editing and storytelling.

Also another really helpful community / podcast with lots of video and self-promo content is the Sean Mccabe’s lettering community at seanwes.com