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How to make a "TAB" in my art gallery for prints/cards

Hello! Where do I go in DPW to read up on how to create a TAB in my art gallery for other items such cards and/or prints. How do I set up a TAB? Thank you!

To the best of my experience and knowledge, there is a lot of information in the resources area. Almost every question can be answered there, but I THINK that you only put art in the gallery. In order to show other items you go to MANAGE YOUR GALLERY PAGES and create a new page for other articles you want to show or sell. You can add an Events page, a Prints page, and a Store page.
I think that is what you are looking for.
Hope this helps.

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From what i remember when I joined (and that’s 10 years ago so rules could have changed) you are not aloud to sell prints or any “merch” on DPW.

Hi Helen! Go to your gallery page, from that page click on the three gray bars on the top left. From there go to “Manage your gallery Pages” There you will find three options. Add an “events” page, add a “prints” page or add a “store” page.
I was grateful for this option as I illustrated a book and was able to add a “books” page. People can go to my gallery and see this option. My link goes directly to Amazon to purchase, and I think you can pretty much link to anywhere your item is available for sale. I hope this helps.


That is exactly the information I needed. Thank you sooo much! I’m hoping to offer card sets and prints. Thanks again!

This is exactly the information I need! Thank you sooo much! I’m hoping to offer card sets and prints. Again, thank you!

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You’re welcome, Helen! Good luck with your print and card set sales!

I had no idea this feature existed!

Thanks for the info Linda.

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