How to block a bad bidder

Does anyone here know how to block a bidder who’s bidding on items and not paying for them? I have a bidder that’s doing just that. She bids, wins and I don’t here from her at all. She’s doing this on purpose to try to hurt my art sales.
I contacted help already but I can’t get an answer and I need an answer quick before she keeps doing it. I flagged her but I don’t know if that’s enough. She has 2 different names that she uses.
I would like to stop her before she does this same thing to others too.

Go into your “My Paintworks” and then into “Auctions” and flag one of the purchases she hasn’t paid for. As long as that flag is on her she cannot bid or purchase any other painting on the site.

Thanks Pat. I did that already, but like I posted, she goes by 2 names so if I flag one, she might be able to use the other.

Flagging is the only tool I know of, be sure to flag both names. And email David about this, hopefully he has something he can do. This person sounds like a real pain in the A…

I would like to flag both names but you can only flag the one your having a problem with at the time. I would have to wait til next time if she uses the other name, but by then, she would have won an auction and not pay first.
Yes, this person really is a pain.
Thank you for the answer.

I was listening in on your bad bidder conversation. Thanks for the heads up.
Because I have PayPal I never send art work until I get the OK from them.
So far so good, knock on wood.

Hey @rkstudio, did you let support know about this bidder? I would definitely follow up whatever you have already done with notifying support. Perhaps they will ban him/her from the site.

How awful. I hope you will contact David, and then let the rest of us know what happens to this creep!

My apologies for being slow in replying to this thread, I did, however get back to Bob later in the same day he first contacted me about this issue.

I reminded him that I had set up a banning feature a long while back upon his request. This feature lets me ban a specific buyer from bidding on the auctions of a specific artist. When they try, they receive a message that the artist, not DPW, has banned them.

In most cases, simply flagging a nonpaying bidder is sufficient and more polite. The only reason I can imagine for banning someone is if you know before they can be flagged that you don’t want them bidding on your auctions.