How to be seen and sell?

I have been back and forth on this site and constantly on Instagram. What is the secret to being seen and selling on Instagram or on Daily Paint Works?

Is it consistency? Constantly uploading new work, showing the process of creating your work, behind the scenes stuff? How do you find your audience or customers? Especially when you price your work well above the $200 mark.

I paint impressionist oil landscapes. Is that even a niche that people are after anymore?

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Hi Amy,

David here, the developer and owner of Daily Paintworks.

I hear your frustration, and I see your beautiful art and the passion and commitment that is clearly behind it.

There are no secrets on how to be seen and sell, but there are some common sense principles, and they apply to any venue, whether DPW, Instagram, or Etsy. The most important one is, in fact, consistency. Your art is competing with a lot of other art that’s only a click away. It takes time and consistently putting your work before people to get their attention and build a following. Once you do that, it isn’t so much you are finding your audience, but that you are letting them find you.

You have all the right ideas - “Constantly uploading new work, showing the process of creating your work, behind the scenes stuff”. On DPW, the most effective way to do that is to post new work to our front “What’s New” page as often as possible, up to one work a day. Sending out DPW Art Alert emails and letting people subscribe to them is other way. Also, be sure to cross post on all your social media platforms.

I am seeing several of your paintings have the same front page date. Since each artist can have only one painting a day on the front page, you need to have only one painting per front page date. I recommend going back and changing the front page dates of your paintings that shared front page dates into the near future. If DPW says a painting has already been on the front page, then try another painting.

In addition to consistency it also take time to build a following. Happily, you get to paint during that time! :slight_smile:

As for whether your genre and style appeals to people, I don’t see why not. It certainly appeals to me. Regardless, as an artist, you have to paint what inspires you. You have to be true to yourself and your vision. Sure, your work may not appeal to some people. No worries, those are not your people. If you put your work and yourself out there, the people who it appeals to will find it. Those will be your people.

We are very happy to have you with us!