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How to associate a picture to my portrait on the ARTISTS page

Hello every one
I am new here, and I am getting together my page.
Couls anybody help understand how I can choose wich picture will be associated to my foto portrait, on the page Artists ??? Right now it is a picture, that is chosen I don’t know how.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: for your attention

My Paintworks :arrow_right: Account Info and Bio :arrow_right: Your Bio Image and Info :arrow_right: Your Photo (upload a photo of your choice).

Dear Connie
Thank you for responding so quickly to problem.
I went on my ‘‘bio image and info’’, but here I could change the photo of me (portrait) that is shown in he page ‘‘Artists’’ over one of my paintings. Actually, I am trying to change that picture that is under the portrait. Would you know if it is at all possible ?
Thk you :slight_smile:

Oh!–I’ve never actually looked at the “Artists” page. It appears to me that the picture shown is whatever painting is first in your gallery or that you have posted to DPW most recently. I’m guessing that’s automatic but don’t know exactly when it updates.

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Thank you Connie for caring.
Yes you must be right, and I am complcating things :slight_smile:
I’m happy to join the DPW, thank you for your help !
Anne Karin

I think it changes… I always thought it was the latest painting you posted. But I could be wrong. But I’m pretty sure you can’t change it… it’s programed in the system.

It shows the latest dated scheduled front page posting for mine. So if you want a specific painting to stay at that spot for a while, change the front page date (on the Art Tracking page) to show up far into the future (e.g. 2020).


Thank you J_V, for this advice. I can now chose my picture :slight_smile: It works for me.
Thank you :slight_smile: