How many ways to say it

"My name is Frances Jeffries from San Jose, California. The images on your website are so fascinating and so vivacious,looking at each piece of work i can easily see that you added so much dedication in making each work come out to life, unfortunately i lost the website where i first saw your work but i was able to save your email address. I will like to purchase some of your work for my wife as a surprise gift for our 20th anniversary. Please kindly send pics and prices of some of your art which are ready for immediate sale within price range $500- $5,000, I could be flexible with price. I am writing you because i need your assistant to get back to your website so as to be able to retrieve the details of your work that interest me or send me images of some of your new works with price.

Best Regards

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I received an email like this a few days back. I just told them to go to my DPW site and I only go through them/ PayPal. I never heard back. This is the second scam I recieved with in a year.

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These people never give up. I’ve seen this, and similar, on other websites. We must all be on guard and share the information of the scam with others.

That’s a new approach, I guess after you send info they hit you for some type of courier cost on a purchase? Or maybe they are just farming websites to ghost spam. Either way scary stuff.

I think the usual MO is having some story about why they need to send a check or money order for more than the cost of the painting, then wanting you to deposit it and send them the “change.”

OMG…thank you for this bit of info. I suppose they do get through sometimes, but their patronizing attitude and weird sentence structure really screams…‘out to get you.’

I used Google Earth to track down the address given by one of these spammers. It was a vacant lot in Sydney, Australia!

I had another say that their courier would be in my area to pick up the painting, and I should give them the “change”. I suggested they just have the courier bring the payment. The chances of their courier “being in my area” were extremely remote. I am in the middle of nowhere.

Often the scam works by sending you over payment by check and having you return the overage electronically, the check the bounces and you are left with the bank fees and the money you “refunded”.

One of the clearest signs of this scam is that they do not have a specific piece in mind, only a price range that may not even match the posted prices you have for your works.