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How do you package your paintings for shipment?

I am entirely new to the forum and I have a few questions.
How long do I wait before listing an oil painting? I know they need drying time.
How do you package the painting for International Shipment ( Oil Paintings)
I live in the Philippines and almost everything will be shipped overseas.
Thanking you in advance,

For oils, I think how long you wait to post depends a lot on how you paint. If you do not have a lot of thick paint or slower drying paint like titanium white then paintings should be safe to ship in a week or two. You can adjust the length of an auction to accommodate some of this. The paint will continue to oxidize after it is shipped but it should arrive safely.

I ship small boards in glassine envelopes, wrapped in a soft foam sheet (not bubble wrap because it leaves marks) then cardboard on both sides and put it in a padded envelope. I ship mostly to USA from Canada. I include a copy of the customs form and a letter explaining to the buyer how to care for the painting and suggestions on where to get frames. I also include a certificate of authentication. It is important for me to keep the size and weight down while still protecting the painting.

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Thanks. I will need the find a source for some of the supplies. I ordered from the States once and it 3 months to get here and they charged me more for customs that the goods cost.
Thanks again.

I live in Malaysia and ship to US regularly. Instead of glassine paper, you could also get cookie sheets from the bakery store. Cookie sheets are better than baking sheets. Liquid would just slide off it. I also have a huge roll of bubble wrap just for packaging. N I usually box it up snugly with cardboards. Sometimes I use recycled ones from IKEA. I go very heavy on brown tape at the end of the session.

I know you said Philippines so you would have to adjust some of these ways of packaging/shipping but I wrap in large paper, then soft foam, cardboard sheets then bubblewrap in a corrugated box with recycled inflated bags that I save from all of the household’s amazon and other purchases that get shipped! Maybe overkill but not compared to this person’s method: http://reddotblog.com/how-to-ship-paintings-a-step-by-step-guide-for-artists-and-galleries/

I like these too:

http://kemstudios.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-ship-unframed-pastel-painting.html (not only good for pastels.)

do you buy your boxes or recycle them?

I buy my :package:. I am being advised my post has to be longer, hence this sentence. :laughing:

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The picture on the fiberboard, 12X12 in.

I wrap my painting in archival tissue and pack that into sheets of styrofoam that you can buy at Home Depot etc in the insulation section. It protects better than anything and weighs very little. I make sure the contents are tight by stuffing in some styrofoam pieces.

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