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How do you edit time lapse video of paintings on a Mac

I’d like to do some time-lapse youtube of some of my paintings. Does anyone reading this have experience with doing them? I think I have all the equipment…DSLR, intervalometer, Mac with iMovie. I just need to know the interval times for a day’s painting and how many shots I should take…along with tips on where to get music.
So, if you can help, please drop me an email.
Happy painting!

I haven’t done it yet, but I put that search term into Youtube and got lots of results… how to make a timelapse video

I tried that, but your search uncovered more and one was just perfect. Thanks a lot!

I just made one for some friends. Canon 7D, 28 mm lens fixed tripod. The painting took 2 hours and I set the timer at 5 sec. intervals. You need to use manual focus and shutter priority, not aperture. You don’t want the aperture changing or the focus. It starts about halfway thru. This is the result.