How do I not include shipping for a painting?

I just listed a painting, and I can’t find out how to change the shipping price. Does anyone know how to do that???

Well I looked all over and apparently there’s no way to change the shipping price. I told the buyer who purchased another painting that I would change the shipping on the second one to zero but now I guess I’ll have to charge her. Bummer.

Okay, after a lot of experimenting, I finally found out how to make it free shipping.

You could accept full shipping price and refund through paypal for the second shipping. I have done this and paypal refunds part of their fees.

I would ask DPW help - David is AWESOME with the h questions!

Ok thanks for your help.

There is (or should be) a button that allows you to set up shipping charges based on the region you’re shipping to. It’s towards the bottom of the page that you are on, when you’re creating an auction or straight sale. Oops… having read your second post, I now see what you mean about changing the price for an extra purchase. I had this issue some months back; but I think Gary is right, you could just agree to refund the extra charges. It’s great that someone wants to buy a second pic!

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