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How do i change the price and post date of already loaded painting?

(Blessing Akalaonu) #1

Hello all. I have been unable to find a way to change the price/ post date to art i have already loaded. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Irina Beskina) #2


Just go to your art tracking grid, set front page date to the date when you want the painting to appear on the front page and set price in the price column. If you have an auction running for the painting then you will need to update starting bid using Update Auction task. If this doesn’t work for you I’d recommend to write to DPW Support: just use “Support” button to the left of your art tracking grid.

(Blessing Akalaonu) #3

Thanks greatly for the response, Irina! I may not have been clear on my issue :frowning: I have already priced and posted the work. Not seeing where i can change the price i have already chosen.

(Irina Beskina) #4

Both front page and price columns are editable: just change the date and the price that are already set.

(Blessing Akalaonu) #5

I found it! thank you so much Irina!

(Singing Zhang) #6

Hi! I also had the problem as yours before. Happy for your success!