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How can I send an invoice?

(Bob Kimball) #1

I FINALLY heard back from a bidder after a week of nothing. She claims she didn’t get the invoice even after I sent re-notify emails from DPW.
Does anyone know how I can send the DPW invoice to her again so I don’t have to hear the excuses again? Or is the invoice in the re-notify email. I don’t know.

(Carol Marine) #2

The PayPal link for payment is in the email, however that doesn’t help if they didn’t receive it.

You can create an invoice in your PayPal.com account.

(Bob Kimball) #3

Thanks Carol,

I have created invoices in paypal before, but I just didn’t want to get them mixed up with the DPW ones. I sent about 4 or 5 re-notifies in the last week, so I don’t see how she couldn’t have gotten even one of them.

But she finally paid though a few minutes ago. Just in time because someone else in a facebook group was willing to pay more for it.

Anyway, one down and one to go.

Thanks again, Carol.

(Todd Egan) #4

Try Freshbooks :slight_smile: Great invoicing program a cut above Paypal, automated reminders, read notices, customization, etc.