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How are Average views figured?

I uploaded some paintings to cover the next 7 days or so. When I click on any of my future ones, they show my views (which are zero), but then the average views has a value. How is that value calculated for a future date? For example, I have a painting that’s scheduled to be on the front page on 6/13. My views are 0, but the Average views show as 13. Where is that 13 coming from?

Glad you brought that up. I have always found the manner in which the average is calculated to be a mystery, at the least. First they predict an average which has not yet occurred, then once a painting is on the front page the average takes a massive unrealistic leap, and then once the work is dropped from the front page the average plummets. So mostly I wait for it to settle and that seems more reasonalbe though still dubious. It may mean nothing. Even though most views are from other artists with less from actual potential buyers the views or clicks do give a better idea of the popularity of a work rather than any comparison to the “average”.

Glad I’m not the only one that finds it a mystery! I’m not sure if the “average” is a good benchmark at all, it may be a tool that I just don’t understand how to use. The example I gave, of my painting that’s scheduled for 6/13 – the average views jumped from 13 to 35 now. Like you, Peter, I wait for things to settle & then check the #'s. But what the system is averaging, especially in the future, I’m not sure of. Is it detecting an increase in views already happening for the week, and then projecting what the average views will be on 6/13? It’s a mystery for sure. Thanks for responding.

I have wondered about that too. Sometimes when I post something for a future date it does accumulate a few views that come from my gallery or people who follow me or from searches. I wondered if someone was reposting something if it didn’t bring with it views from 6 or more months and that this historical data was dropped at some point. Maybe David will explain it to us.

Jean, you may have hit on something I hadn’t thought of. If people are reposting from a past time, the views of the past must influence the average for the new day’s viewing. That would definitely explain the large views for 7 days in the future! ( which are up to 54 average views now for 6/13! ) If this is the case, then “average” really shouldn’t be used for gauging current activity. Thanks Jean!