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Holiday Sales - Do you, don't you, have you had success?

I’m thinking about doing a series of holiday paintings simply to generate sales and momentum. I might also participate in Holiday Art Bazaar that takes place in my town.

Any suggestions for subject matter? If you have a rise in sales during the holidays is it holiday specific subjects? Do you paint what you want and just sell more? I’m aiming for Halloween and Christmas sales in particular but would love some tips on what customers might enjoy.

Hi Elizabeth. My advice, for what it is worth, is paint what you love and the themes that interest you. Some artists have great success painting a similar theme and sticking to that, others paint anything and everything. There is no hard or fast rule. Beach themes are very popular all year round and still life works as well.


Hi Elizabeth,
I have tried choosing specific themes in the past for the holidays. Like pumpkins for Halloween and Ornaments for Christmas. These did sell but not any faster than other years that I have just done usual subjects like beach scenes and still life. What has worked out well is I do my one “sale” of the year around Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. I take whatever paintings are leftover from the year and mark them way down. Usually these auctions benefit Wounded Warriors charity or the American Red Cross at 25-50%. I hate the idea of throwing out paintings and this way I have helped a charity and found some new collectors along the way. I have not tried outdoor art festivals yet but now that I am painting full-time I have enough work that I could get a booth together. Maybe next year in San Diego?

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