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Has DPW helped you grow as an artist?

(Annabel Chance) #1

I’ve just finished my first month on DPW with the mission to post new art every day. I’m so impressed with this website and all the talented artists here. The practice of one painting each day has really pushed me to do more than I thought I could. The encouragement I’ve been given could not have come at a better time and I want to express my gratitude to Carol, David, Rhea, and everyone else who has made me feel very welcome here.

My question for those who have been on DPW longer than I have is this: has DPW helped you to grow as an artist? How? I’d love to hear what your experience here has been.

(Anne Wood) #2

Definitely for me Annabel…I joined on 1st January this year and it was the best New Year resolution I made and so far I have kept posting a daily painting. I am sure I have become a better painter through this.

(Annabel Chance) #3

That is great to hear Anne. Whatever you are doing is working. Your paintings are beautiful.

(Dalan Wells) #4

I have absolutely grown as an artist thanks to DPW and Carols advice of daily painting. It is now my number one must do for new artists I meet. Get a hundred cheap small boards and just start filling them up. You will learn so much and be a much better painter by the end.

(Anne Wood) #5

Thank you Annabel, and Dalan…you are right…it is the finest way to learn.

(Padmaja Madhu) #6

Hi Annabel,
After joining DPW, the process of daily painting has added a lot of value to my personal life, discipline and passion are two main aspects of it. Yes, there has been growth in terms of quality of what I paint and also confidence. My collectors and fellow artists have been very motivating for me with their kind feed backs. It feels great to be here :smile:

(Crisynda Buss) #7

I am 1 month new to this website and format. But I can say that by reading Carol Marine’s Book and using this site, I am taking my art more seriously and having more fun. I am becoming more organized so the prep process can be more simple. I am just beginning to look around at all the benefits of being part of this art community offers. SO YES! And I am sharing so my art friends and potential buyers can enjoy as well!

(Sunny Avocado) #8

You look like you are still going strong after another year! Update on your progress?