Has Anyone Tried Artpal?

If you have tried Artpal…what do you think? I see they also allow crafts, etc.

I’ve got a small number of images there but you have to keep paying $1 each to get them bumped up the never-ending scrolling lists…and the images do change very quickly on a daily basis. There are a few names that seem to dominate the proceedings. I’ve never sold anything there, but it’s possible to get lots of views/clicks for a few days after you bump your images up because (obviously) they’re top of the pile. Turning those clicks into income is, of course, another matter. :frowning:

Thank you for your input. Doesn’t sound like a site I’d be interested in. Hard to compete against those with deep pockets that can continuously bump their art. I respect that DPW creates a fair playing field for all their artists!