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Has anyone heard of Artwork Archive

Hi DPW artist, I wondered if anyone has used Artwork Archive or had heard of it. I value anyone and everyone’s opinion of this subject because I am not an organized or technical savvy artist. Thank you anyone who answers.

I began using Artwork Archive for inventory management several months ago when I started selling art through an additional gallery because I was finding it difficult to remember which prints and amounts I had in which locations even though I tried keeping track of everything on paper.

Entering your inventory on Artwork Archive may take a little while, (the 30 day trial is a good arrangement) but once you have a painting’s photo and information entered, you can then easily make print and giclee editions from that information. It has been a wonderful tool for helping me to track inventory instead of trying to remember which location has which paintings and prints and how many I have personally in stock. When a gallery notifies me that some work has sold, it is a very simple process to note that in the program, which helps you to track sales at all venues and estimate future print orders.

I didn’t love the setup and entering all the info in because I don’t enjoy computer work, but now that that’s over, I love being able to see all my inventory at a glance. As long as I keep entering all new work as I complete them, I won’t ever have a backlog to enter in again. I also appreciate only having to commit monthly, although now that I’ve seen the value of Artwork Archive, I would be fine with a longer term. Here’s a discount tip: if you sign up through Lori McNee’s art tips website link here you will only have to pay $4 a month (20% off) for as long as you keep the service!. Overall, I find the program very helpful and I think it’s a great value, I would recommend it to anyone looking to automate their inventory information.

I’ve tried to embed the discount link in all the information here, but just in case needed, here is a link to Lori McNee’s review of the Artwork Arhcive service which also includes her link for the 20% off for life discount: http://www.finearttips.com/2012/10/tracking-your-art-inventory-and-contacts/

I looked into it and it looked interesting and organized but I don’t need another monthly fee. Then I found out the collectors also have to pay to be on there so it seems it would limit the buyers. Maybe the buyers would be a higher caliber if they do have to pay? I don’t know.

@wvannjohnson, @gbrownstudio, and @purplehaze,

Daily Paintworks members already can upload and track unlimited art, sales, and buyers with their

Art Tracking Grid, in addition to having their own DPW Gallery Artist Website, their art promoted on our front page, free PayPal eCommerce links, and low-cost auctions, all for $12.95 a month.

While the Art Tracking Grid does not yet offer formatted reports, members can search through, export, and download all of their art, sales, and buyer data in a spreadsheet format for tax reporting or other purposes.

I will be adding new features to the grid in the near future, such as printing invoices and packing slips, location tracking, and making the grid work well on mobile devices, which will allow members to upload and edit their work directly and easily on their smartphones.

I am also working on a new feature set, long on the back burner, to let buyers track and manage unlimited collections of art, whether purchased on DPW or not, for free. This will allow buyers to create public and private collections on DPW of art they own or even would like to own.

If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see in the Art Tracking grid or in the upcoming buyer art collection features, please let me know by adding them to this conversation!



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I would like to have a way to track paintings hanging in galleries (when I put them there, etc) and a way to track contests in which painting are entered. When I “pull” a painting in Daily Paintworks for a show, I put it on hold,and when the show is over and the painting is back in the studio, I take it off hold; but as time has gone by and I have more and more paintings going in different directions and I need to know where it is and when to expect it back, it would be really helpful to have some sort of report that we can have (printed or otherwise) with a time line. When does a show start, when is entry into a contest due and how much does it cost, when is delivery, when does it end and when is pickup, and a place for notes for things like framing requirements, etc.? Yeah, I’m asking for the moon, I know… but if I don’t ask, it won’t ever happen, right?