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Happy New Year!

(Yulia Kazansky) #1

I want to wish everybody here a wonderful 2018! Lots of joy, great health and tons of sales. :grinning:

One of my resolution for a new year - post more art on this website and participate in this wonderful forum (usually I am just lurking here)


(Jacqueline Davis) #2

Happy New Year!!!

:champagne: :clinking_glasses: :tada:

(Sunny Avocado) #3

MY RESOLUTION, PUT ART A FEW NOTCHES UP ON THE PRIORITY LIST! There’s always something coming along using up all of my time. But 2018 will be better!

Happy New Year!

(Tom Mather) #4

I just discovered this website in 2017 after reading Carol’s book, and it has been a great source of inspiration and motivation. I actually had “discovered” the concept of daily painting and smaller artwork on my own many years ago, but then quit painting for quite a few years. I worked in a different field than art and it was hard finding time to paint. However, I retired a year ago and one of my goals was to start painting again.

I am approaching artwork like I do exercise— I try to do something every day, but I’m flexible about the specific action. I may not paint every day, but I do it several days a week and do related activities on my “off” days, such as drawing, reading about art, going to galleries, viewing art on-line, organizing my studio, toning canvases, etc.

(Jacqueline Davis) #5

Exactly same here Sunny.
Today I started a 30 in 30 challenge.
The washing-up can just wait… every day.
I’ve resolved to paint first, other chores come second. The trouble is, there’s always something to do to take you away from painting and by the time you get to it, your day is gone.

Happy New Year to you too. x

(Sunny Avocado) #6

Jacqueline, that has been my frustration exactly! The days go by so quickly and I am one to get things off the list as quickly as I can but it keeps getting added to…and if I keep myself and my art last…well…time runs out.

Can we really resolve to move it up the list? I’m trying to!

(Libby Gilpatric) #7

Remember the wisdom of Yoda: there’s no try. Only do.

(Yulia Kazansky) #8

Is it time for new resolution already? OMG! It was just yesterday!

Any way, I am getting closer to my personal wish (not really resolution) to enjoy process of painting, not to be intimidated by it. I discovered an interesting process when you make all sorts of mess, marks, texture on surface and then extract what I see (kinda negative painting).
And actually that way I look forward to paint first in the morning and not to do laundry/vacuum/whatever else. Sometimes it works. :slight_smile: