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Great source for gallery style frames?

Hi Folks,

Would you share where you like to buy frames for your artwork? I am looking for the nice large dark wood gallery style frames.

Thanks in advance!

I recently purchased from King of Frames and was really happy with their customer service and pricing. www.kingofframe.com

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Never purchase but I too hear a lot of good things about king of frame.

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Thanks you guys! I will check them out!

Yes, King of Frame, also known as the Randy Higby gallery is really good. The frames are professional quality and are reasonably priced. They are located in Southern Californa and shipping to the Western US is fast.

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I use Dick Blick plein air frames. I think they are great and less expensive than King of Frames. I tend to prefer the antique gold and/or black but he offers other finishes.


JFM frames in Atlanta are great quality and fast shipping. www.jfm.net (wholesale only)

I like Blick, but for larger or custom sizes, I have to give a shout-out to pictureframes.com. I just received a 30 x 30” floater frame that arrived in CA from NC in perfect condition (AMAZING packing). Found a free shipping coupon code online, so even with $14 for the oversize package, the whole thing was under $100.

Thanks for sharing Connie.

On the subject, I wondered if people wouldn’t mind sharing what they use, AND how much they pay for their frames.
I get all my frames from CanvasPlace.
I use their panel frames.

They are $43 for a 6 pack of 6"x6" black panel frames.

They are very simple and you have to find your own way to attach the panels but they are effective and economical for small 6x6" paintings.

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Jerry’s has some really nice Ambiance brand frames in a range of smaller sizes and finishes, for prices ranging from $5-10. Frames have backings, mounts and acrylic fronts if desired. Colors include black, white, brown and natural wood.

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I use these too and have received very good feedback from shows I’ve entered about the presentation quality. Great price, good quality.