Great feature already in DPW - Suspend Sales - Like Out of Office

there’s a feature under My Paintworks (same area as Art Tracking) called ACCOUNT INFO & BIO / Vacation Hold. It allows you to Suspend Sales along with a message to the buyer as to why. I couldn’t find details on how this feature worked in help, but did in Art Talk. What I wanted to know is whether or not it also blocked the PayPal link and it does! A great feature for paintings offered for sale at other venues. Just turn it on to block the sales and turn it back off for whatever doesn’t sell.

Suggestion - add this to the help docs.

thanks for thinking of this!


Thank you for reminding me of this! I think I knew it existed, but didn’t know where to find it when needed. I like to ship paintings as soon as possible, to protect my reputation! Nothing worse than a long lag because of whatever, vacation, illness, etc.

@Johnna_Schelling, I am glad to hear you find this feature useful! :slight_smile:

It is documented in the Membership Guide you can open from the Artist Tools slide out menu in both your DPW Gallery and your my Paintworks pages.

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thanks David - knowing the right word to search on is helpful too. :wink:

I’ve come up with another way to prevent sales through DPW of my paintings that are currently in galleries, while still keeping them on the market. In my DPW gallery I’ve created an “Available Here” category for work that can be purchased immediately through DPW, and an “Available in Galleries” category for work that is currently in brick-and-mortar galleries. In that category I list the status of those paintings as “On Hold”, and in the description I give contact information for the gallery. I feel this is a nice way to support the galleries who are showing my work, rather than competing with them, and keeps my whole portfolio of work in the public eye. DPW has a great system where you can use keywords to sort your work into your gallery categories, so I’ve set up the keyword “Hold” to send paintings to my “Available in Galleries” category. (Thanks, David Marine!)

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