Got buy clicks but no transactions?

So I saw that I had 4 clicks to buy one of my paintings and I had set up my paypal account but no transactions? Can anyone help me with this? So disappointed because don’t like having missed a potential buyer.

I think many DPW buy clicks are from people just checking the price or auction status, not necessarily attempting to purchase. I often get dozens or even hundreds of buy clicks and only one or two bids. My current auction has 22 buy clicks and NO bids. Also, view and buy clicks are not unique–sometimes a single interested party will click those links many times and really run up the count before deciding whether or not to bid or purchase. So, assuming we’re talking about buy clicks on DPW (not something on PayPal), clicks show interest but probably don’t indicate a failed attempt to purchase.

I agree with Connie. I’ve adopted the attitude that the traffic report and buy clicks can be interpreted only as “interest” in a painting. I look at that data once in awhile, but it’s impossible to interpret a visitors reason for clicking, so the data can be misleading. It can also lead to feeling disappointed or worrying about the wrong things. The process of buying a painting on DPW works well. I bid in an auction and bought a painting before I joined and was happy with the way the transaction was handled. It helped me understand what steps a buyer goes through to acquire a painting.

I think it should be renamed “View” clicks, not buy clicks because people are viewing a painting in its own page. Buying is actually placing a bid. It’s misleading.

There is already a separate “View” statistic. The statistics are explained HERE:

Popup View - the number of times a thumbnail of your painting has been clicked on any page in DPW or in the Daily Email [to enlarge it in a window that says either “Buy now with PayPal” (or whatever payment method you have chosen) or “Bid in our auction”.]

Buy Clicks - This statistic can be confusing. It isn’t the number of times someone has tried to buy your painting and failed, but how many times the link to buy your painting [the “Buy now” or “Bid” link] in the popup window has been clicked. It is also how many times any external links to a DPW Auction have been clicked [such as a “Click to Bid” button on your blog.] Buyers often click your PayPal links or your auction links to view additional information about a painting, such as shipping method and amounts, even if they end up deciding not to buy it. It is simply another way for you to judge interest in a painting.

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I agree buy should mean an actual sale. View is more appropriate.

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I’m glad it’s not just me who was curious about this! I always get a little excited when I see someone clicked on the “Buy” link, but I know that there’s a chance that they didn’t follow through. Sometimes I get 2-4 Buy clicks before the painting finally sells.

I recall one painting which got 10 Buy clicks (high for me) but no sale. Then finally, on the first day of the next month, the painting sold! I interpret that to mean that someone wanted to buy it, was “tempted,” and kept on clicking the link, and finally succumbed when the new month came around and they had some money! :smiley:

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I really don’t think the “buy clicks” should exist at all since they don’t really tell you anything. I post my paintings in facebook groups and every time someone clicks to view it, it counts as a buy click. Right now I have 110 views and 84 buy clicks on one painting and on another one I have 84 views and 0 buy clicks. I haven’t paid any attention to buy clicks for a long time. I agree that they are very misleading.

I agree. I think the “buy” click should be renamed to “view” click.

I don’t understand why some of you find the name of this statistic so bothersome or misleading once you read David’s explanation and understand what it means. There IS a separate statistic called “Views” that tells the number of times someone has clicked a DPW thumbnail to VIEW an enlargement of a painting. If "Buy " actually meant “purchase,” that wouldn’t be of any use, because by definition any painting can only ever have one sale! So what is the down side of having the information currently provided by both statistics: 1.) how many times an enlargement of a DPW thumbnail was viewed, and 2.) how many times the link to purchase it was opened? If for some reason it bothers you to know the latter, just read column 1. Otherwise, think of Column 2 as “Someone-checked-the-price-and-how-to-buy-it-or-clicked-an-external-link” clicks. Abbreviated to “Buy.” Because the other title wouldn’t fit the table. And calling them both “view” would be more confusing, and counting them all together would provide less specific information.

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