Good art delivery vehicle recommendation?

I have a Honda Element which I love. The rear seats are easily removed and the boxy interior can hold an entire art show of large paintings. Seriously, I have hauled bulky things such as a loveseat, a washer & dryer and twin mattresses in it. Unfortunately, the mileage is getting up there and I will need to replace it. They stopped making Elements in 2012. Can anyone recommend a good art delivery car? Thanks!

I don’t have the problem unfortunately. :expressionless:

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Thanks for pondering it anyway!

That is to say…I wish I did have that problem. :smiley:

Honda are good! I used to have a honda civic

Hi Trish!! Wish we were back in Italy! I have a Chevrolet Equinox and I love it…lots of room but not a great big car. Glad you have that problem with so many deliveries :slight_smile:

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How about the Honda Fit?

I have an artist fiend who recently bought a Ford Transit -the passenger model.
She is constantly talking about what a great little hauler it is, lol.

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Thanks for the advice, Lynd. I didn’t know they made a passenger model. I will check it out!

I think it is called the Transit Connect…hers is really cute. should have more info but here is a photo page :slight_smile:

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By the way…no one here works for Ford, lol.

My friend is the curator at our local museum as well as an artist so she was
looking for a vehicle to transport art and art display racks as well as materials to go out and
give talks, etc. to different groups about the museum’s offerings, programs, etc.

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