Golden Fluid Acrylics

What experience have you had with Golden Fluid Acrylics? Is it only for pouring? Is it easier to use than Golden Open paints in regards to applying the paint to the canvas? I appreciate whatever information and or direction you can give. Thanks so much!

Golden fluid acrylics are acrylic paints that are ‘runny’ for want of a better term. They are just paint, you can apply them how you like, you don’t have to pour, but obviously they’re no good for a palette knife straight out the bottle. I don’t use their open acrylics but have always used the heavy body type. I bought one tiny bottle of Golden fluid to replace a colour I had run out of but which was out-of-stock in heavy body and discovered I loved it and found it much easier to use than the stiffer variety. So my tip would be to buy one, single bottle of the new paint type - the smallest, least expensive you can find - and give it a try. You might love it. If not, no real investment to write off.

Golden fluid acrylics are for pouring. They can also be used in a variety of applications and a bit of explorations might be fun to get to know them. I first bought a set of 1 oz bottles for that reason. I now use them for different effects. I find them useful for underpainting values on some works, also if I want to glaze over an acrylic painting or parts of it. I find this especially useful with abstracts. I also use them for small painting on paper in much the same way I might use watercolor.
Regarding your question comparing them with Golden Open-- there isn’t much to compare–other than they are both acrylics. Open acrylics are thicker and are intended to be used in way that might resemble the dry time closer to oils but not nearly so long of a dry time as oils. I live in the Southwest where there is no humidity and find Open acrylics very helpful. Fluid acrylics are more akin to watercolors-they are thin, dry quickly, transparent, etc. In my opinion it’s neither more or less difficult using them once you become familiar with either, or both. Your personal preferences will determine if you enjoy using them or not. But like all new materials there might be a short getting acquainted time required to know if you truly find them a good fit for your expressive needs.
I hope that is helpful.