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Gift certificates

I am offering gift certificates on my web site. I am saying non redeemable for cash.

Anyone tell me if you think it’s a put off to also add “non refundable”?

What do you mean by non refundable Sunny?
Do you mean for the gift certificate itself or for a painting purchased using one of your gift certificates?

I think whatever the case upsell the positive and downsell the negative.
I would put something about the terms and conditions of your gift certificates on the small print on your website but not on the certificate itself.

Oh, I meant if they would buy the gc, then want to return it. I guess I meant non returnable.

But you bring up another angle I hadn’t thought of…I feel like a duh. If they use the gift card to buy a piece of art and want to return it, I would take it back anyway and give them $ back. It’s probably not good to offer them just credit and not cash back.

IDK, it’s not like I have a stampede of people wanting to buy my gift cards. Haha.

I would maybe google search other artists or similar establishments that offer gift card to help you get the wording right…



How about this from Painting with a Twist:


Gift cards do not have an expiration date. Gift Cards are non-refundable and have no cash value.


Thanks so much @Jacqueline_Davis!

Glad to be of help. It’s good to brainstorm!

I think you should treat it like most stores would treat their gift certificate. You can never return a gift certificate and get your money back.
If you buy something with a gift certificate and you want to return it, you get your money back in gift certificate. That’s just normal no?

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Oh well I didn’t think about giving the money back as a gift cert after the something was returned. I was just thinking cash refund, I believe that is what stores do?

Not in Canada they don’t. It would end up being a money back on the gift certificate but with more work for the store. They should just offer “gift certificate is redeemable for money” and that would be easier then having their customer having to buy something with the GC and then having to return it so they can have their money back… Idk if that’s what you were talking about. I might have misunderstood though. But in my opinion, GC should never be refundable in any way… even in a sneaky way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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