Giclee' prints of original paintings

Has anyone ever had a Giclee’ print made of their painting? They can be valuable and if well done it is difficult to tell the difference between the print and the original. So if one wants to have a print made of their original painting to keep for themselves, this would be a good option. Any ideas?
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I had a few made of a pastel painting. They were excellent. I was afraid to touch them for fear of smearing them! They were printed on mat paper and were not cheap. Thought I could sell them, but I was not very successful at it. I think I only sold one framed. I think it would be an excellent choice if you wanted just a record of your painting to keep for yourself. Good idea.

Thank you. It is a pity they are not cheap, but then most things today are not cheap!!!

I had sign up for membership with company that makes best technology/quality art prints and also markets art of the members to interior designers, film companies, card printers, etc where sales counts to hundreds as well single art prints with beautiful framing options, if you are interested check out Fine Art America. Overall I had only negative experiences. Here is why.

  1. You need studio quality camera 70 mill pixels, to capture studio quality image of your paintings, because quality of prints can not excide the quality of photo.
  2. Price was lower than what local print studios had offer. Yet it was too expensive, I still had to pay retail price, making my earning go down to just few dollars per painting. I would never do it again.
    3.Exposure to design studios and other businesses also didnt work out. Company had their own design and prints which had good exposure to public. I could never find my paintings on their pages for individual buyers, designers and wholesale. If my work was ever listed there it was buried with thousands of others, i could never make the sale like that. ( artists on daily painting have their turn when they are featured on front page, that way everyone has chance to sell. This website didnt care to give equal chance, they knew they will sell someting whose art made no difference to them so they bill website that clumps up the work in one huge pool so no one had chance to be remembered by buyers.
    I hope my experience would help you.
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I too signed up for Fine Art America printing. I have sold a few prints that way, but have not made much money at it. Mostly I post images of paintings I have already sold, so any money I earn that way is just some extra cash. However, I have sold about 5 original paintings (one to an interior designer) via FAA. So over all my experience with FAA has been good. It is nice for me because I do nothing but post my images. They take care of all the rest, printing, mailing, collecting tax, etc. It is also good publicity for me and my FAA gallery comes up in Google searches for my name. If you buy your own prints from them they give you a discount. I have never done that. I did buy a mug as a gift for a patron once, but later found out I could have gotten it cheaper at Walgreens!
I did a commission painting and posted the image of it on my FAA gallery. Other members of my patron’s family have bought prints of the painting, which brought in a little cash too. Just another idea for you.
But over all I have not been successful at selling giclee prints on my own.

Thank you for that good idea. I would have thought that prints would be a cheaper option for people to purchase art.

The advice I’ve heard is don’t make unless your originals are selling faster than you can paint them.