Getting stiffed on 8 paintings

Apparently, I’m getting stiffed on 8 paintings…6 from one bidder and 2 from the other bidder.

I’m wondering if I flag the bidder who won 6 of the paintings, would I have to flag her for all the paintings or just flag one if that would do it.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

I haven’t had contact or a payment from either woman. :frowning:

You are flagging the buyer, just once will stop buyer from bidding on site altogether until cleared up.

How much time it is between winning and not paying? Sometimes it takes people a few days up to a week to complete purchase. Is it longer than that on these that you are flagging? Just wondered…I give someone a week and email a couple of times then if no response, then relist.

Fortunately, I’ve only lost 3 sales in all the time I’ve been on DPW. First & second time, the buyer contacted David at DPW to say they had made a mistake, he contacted me & I simply re-listed the item. The 3rd I just never heard from. But I have had buyers that took long amounts of time to respond or pay. Some were simply out of town/country, or on vacation, & 1 had an emergency visit to the hospital! I usually start with a friendly email “happy you won my auction/ purchased my art.” Follow that up in a week with “perhaps you missed the emails, but awaiting word/payment.” After that, I give a kind warning that I will need to flag them if I do not hear from them (and remind them that flagging will prevent them from doing any further transactions with DPW unless they clear up the current situation - which is true). I like to warn them before I flag them.

I do too. Some people (like me) accidentally remove a forwarding email address and don’t get the mail. I know, very bad.

I guess I’m not as patient as everyone else. It wouldn’t be so bad but I need the sales to make ends meet. I suppose it’s the auction thing. People can win an auction and take all the time in the world to pay.

@rkstudio You probably already know this, but just in case you don’t: If there were multiple bidders you can cancel the sale after flagging the buyer and offer it to the next highest bidder. I had to do that once.

Good idea @dkuhn_art, I forgot about that since I don’t really do auctions any more except for DPW occasionally. I understand what you’re saying @rkstudio, but especially with auctions if they are not online bidders normally, they don’t always know they won or it was impulse to bid because the piece really appealed to them but the follow through isn’t there because they haven’t gotten online or returned to the site if their email got lost.

I did just have another non payer. (Not on DPW) It was a make an offer button which was automatically accepted…you think they might stick around for 3-4 minutes…but never heard back. Relisted-resold at higher price within 2 days.

As hard as it is, you’ve got to let them go and move on, relist. I don’t wait that long any more. If they get too busy to pay for the item within 5 days, it is usually gone and their loss. It is very very difficult to run an online business, especially an art one…due to the incredible array of artists one can buy from.

Maybe a part time job and painting part time might be your answer?

I also have to add…that I just had a mondo email glitch. It’s not that rare anymore! My provider sent email telling me they migrated my site/email…but I didn’t get the email because they migrated my site/email and changed the settings! Ugh. Really guys? I was getting a few emails here and there but the bulk I did not receive. It wasn’t until 3 people told me I didn’t respond to their email that I looked deeper into it, because at first I thought it was a yahoo glitch.

A week and a half later-I have discovered, fixed and am slogging through a boatload of emails! And writing a lot of apolgies!!

I hope that doesn’t happen to me because I have no idea what you are talking about and I would be finished.

I hope it doesn’t happen to you jean! I was just saying that I wasn’t receiving emails and I didn’t know it and maybe the same happened for others who did not know they won auctions and didn’t pay. These days, I am thinking a free provider like yahoo or gmail might serve me better!

I use yahoo, not a private server.

One will do it. But if she pays for that one, the flag will be lifted.

I want to add that I have found AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, and Hotmail to be overly aggressive with SPAM filtering to the point of too often marking legitimate emails as SPAM.

Email deliverability is one of my biggest challenges with DPW and the vast majority of DPW emails being marked as SPAM are marked by one of the previously mentioned email providers. To make matters worse, when these providers mark an email as SPAM, the email doesn’t even seem to make it into the recipients SPAM folder. Instead, the email seems to simply disappear. The only way I have seen around this issue is to request that the recipient add the DPW sending email addresses as contacts.

On the other hand, I have found Gmail to be the best with both effective SPAM filtering and not marking legitimate emails as SPAM.