Gesso-ing on oil primed panels

Has anyone using the “oil-primed linen panels” ever made the mistake of gesso-ing over the top of one? (oops) Wondering what to do? Do I sand the gesso off? Use it anyway? Only use it with pastel? Help?

Tbh I would throw it away, alas. Oil over gesso/ acrylic but never the other way round.

Me too, not worth the risk.

Oh dear, that is kind of what I thought … such a waste. I hope someone else might have an idea. :smile:

If you are happy to take the risk, I guess you could sand the panels down to the base coat and clean off with oms or turps etc and leave to dry.

Thanks so much for your response Joseph! I need to see if it is worth it. I just may use them for exercises.

You are very welcome Teri. Your idea is very good, so the boards will not be wasted. Regards Joe.

Terirobus…the problem with using for exercises is that might turn out to be your best painting yet!

Anne - you are right, but what can you do? :blush:

Terirobus, how large is your panel? Was it a lot of money to waste? If you are not successful in removing the acrylic and then your new painting peels off…you have wasted even more. I have scrapped lots of canvases and panels over the years. I put it down to an expensive lesson learned. …and move on. Good wishes for future painting.

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Sanding down with rough sandpaper will work fine. Then rub with some oil paint to tone the canvas let it dry and you will be fine. No worries paint away!!!

I was wondering about sanding it. I can at least see how it goes. Thanks Joe

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Anne, the panel is small, so not too much of a loss - gonna try the sanding that Joe W mentioned, though. Thanks!

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Turn it over and gesso the other side? It won’t be the same texture, but you wouldn’t have to worry about adhesion.

Thanks cedarita - that is not a bad idea!!