Gallery Traffic

I have my personal domain ( set to resolve to my DPW gallery page. It would really uselful to understand the traffic to that page regardless of whether they clicked on one of my paintings. I try to direct as much traffic as I can to this domain and I’d like to track how successful each avenue is.

Is there anyway to surface those stats?
Is there a way to put a personal tracking pixel on my page?

Thanks for all the awesome work!


on your Paintworks tab there is a tab “Traffic” to give you views info.

@jimmusilpainter, the quickest way to receive a reply to questions like this is by clicking the Support tab on the left-side of our website, or by sending a email directly to

Currently DPW does not track traffic to your website, by specific domain or otherwise, but only tracks traffic by artwork.

You can, however set up a Google Analytics account for your domain and then set the id for that account in your Account Info page on the “Blog, Social, & Tracking Setup” tab.

You can read more about that here: