Frontpage used for advertising

I am seeing an “artwork” on the Front page that is merely an advertisement for a demo/show. Is this allowed? I thought the Front page was for art. It seems a bit of a stretch but does anyone out there wonder about this too? I was fooled at first into thinking it was a work of art. After clicking on it and then on the Gallery, I saw that it was not art at all.

This sometimes happens if an artist has their DPW account set up to pull automatically from their blog (a timesaver and you only have to post once). So if they have posted info re a workshop that comes over instead a photo of their artwork.

Well, that makes sense. Though I would hope they would remove it from the Front page once they see it, since the Front Page rotates and many would like to let their art there. I realize that if it happens only once in a while by accident, it’s no big deal. However, what if it starts getting used for that purpose?

Hi @vanac! I think the powers that be are conscientious about checking on that type of thing. Maybe once in a while something will squeak by, but if you click on the support tab and give them a heads up, they will look into it and see if it is a repeat offender or just like @elizabethelgin suggested which is probably the case. I can see that happening with the automatic pull feature and not coming to DPW daily to check it.

I’ve noticed the same, Vanya and had similar thoughts. Also had another question in same vein. How are works being published on front page with much older dates? Wouldn’t works on front page have the current date of that day? When I click on the paintings they have either been previously sold several months ago or not yet sold. Just curious…

Re: Older artworks- You can re-set your artwork’s front page date in the Art Tracking grid, so that an older work reappears on the front page. I think there are some rules though, like you can’t have the same work appear on the front page more than once every six months. It probably mentions it in the Help Centre somewhere.

I’ve “re-front-paged” a few works, during periods where I’ve been going through art blocks and had nothing new to post for two or three weeks. It helped bring people into my gallery even though I wasn’t super active at the time. It’s not something I do a whole lot, but I hope that explains why it happens!

This is why you see different dates:
If I load 3 new paintings today, all of the ‘created’ dates will be 4/18. I would give each painting a different ‘front page’ date so each will have a chance to show on the front page, (4/19, 4/20, 4/21). THEN when you are viewing the front page and click on one to open up for a bigger image you will see the date under the artist’s name- this is the ‘date created’. You are seeing it as new due to its ‘front page’ date.

Each painting can be shown up to 3 times on the front page but not more often than once every 6 months.

This link in the help section gives detail about the front page:

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Jim, thanks for sharing what is working for you. It would be helpful for me to do the same as I am transitioning into oils and have nothing new to post while they are drying. Thanks again. Best to you.

Thanks, Sunny. Appreciate the link too.

It’s J M, not Jim haha. I’m glad I helped!

whoops :blush: thanks for your sense of humor too!