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Framing Artwork- share your ideas and frame sources for artists

I’ve been working towards unifying the presentation of my paintings by framing them all in floater frames. I paint on 3/4" standard depth canvases and I’ve found a great source for custom floater frames for standard depth canvases that doesn’t break the bank. I also purchase my framing hardware from them and save a lot that way too. The source I’d like to share is Franken Frames.

Do you have any presentation and framing ideas or recommended frame sources to share?

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I have used Illusions Floater Frames for larger work and Plein Aire Frames for small boards. Both come with hardware and I got them from Jerry’s Artarama.

I don’t usually have much here in frames, but I know quite a few artists who use Franken Frames.

Sounds good. If you are in England, near the City of Lincoln…I can recommend Forge Arts Gallery Framing by Graham Perkins. I have black float frames from him for my exhibition pieces on standard and box canvas. I like black for my work as it unifies the group of paintings when on a gallery wall for my solo shows.

I make my own frames so they are all as somber and uniform as the dress code of the early Pilgrim colonists, though on occasion I will also make a pine liner for a bit of an accent. I carefully choose my wood from standard available stock off the shelf and my cost is about four dollars per frame which also includes stain and lacquer. Each one takes about an hour or so to cut, glue and sand, though the finishing can require an hour and a half to allow for drying time between coats.


Hi Wendi,
I use floating frames from CanvasPlace.com. The frames are well constructed and nicer than Illusion Frames.
They’re also reasonably priced at $37 for 6 plus shipping for 6 x 6 in. panels or canvases.
They also make panel frames which are 3/4" deep.
I’ve been using their frames for years and have never been disappointed.
Good luck,


Thanks @rwzrosenthal, checked them out…looks like a great source for standard sizes! Thanks :grinning:

Gosh, I had checked them out before but read their page so fast, I didn’t see it was for a 6 pack. Good value!

I’ve purchased floater frames from Randy Higbee http://www.kingofframe.com/. They are a bit more expensive than Jerry’s Artarama, but very high quality. They have a good selection, and the nice part is that I don’t have to wire the back – they do that before the frames are shipped. I buy these frames for special occasions. They do have occasional sales, too, and they also host the annual 6x6 Show in their gallery each year during the month of December.

Oh, I’m so happy I saw this! I am on the same boat trying to unify the presentation and have been using Jerry’s floater frames, but they don’t come in the 22"x28" size, while the canvasplace.com have them as standard size and are so affordable! They don’t have the antique gold edge, but I guess they will do anyway. Thanks for sharing!!!

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I usually only frame for shows, on line I sell unframed. But a great place on line for small frames has been 5dollarframes.com Surprisingly good frames for low cost.

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i have been working in sizes that fit ikea frames. i do a fair amount on 16x20 canvas. ikea has the VIRSERUM frame that is 15.75 x 19.75 and only costs $13. i use my circular saw and skim 2 sides to open it up to fit the canvas and use 1/4’’ offset clips to secure canvas to frame.

for my abstract work on hardwood cradled panels, i use blick unfinished premier wood panels. they are quite nice and well priced and don’t need to be framed.

Hi everyone.

I have two questions to add to this topic:

  1. I wondered if anyone could share photos of any daily paintworks paintings that you have actually framed? I have started collecting 6 x 6 pieces by other artists. I’d like to see how these little 6 x 6 panel painting would look actually framed. Do you buy a frame that just fits the painting or do you allow some white border around the painting in-between the painting and the frame? Thanks.

  2. Does anyone have any ideas for hanging 6 x 6 paintings UNFRAMED.
    I’ve noticed an artist - Angela Mouton on Etsy - she paints these super cute little birds and also sells panels listed as:
    ‘Birch panel with notch in back for hanging small painting 4 x 4 inch No need to frame!’

She will attach them to the back of the painting for you. The panel can then hang flush with the wall.
I think these are genius for small paintings.
Does anyone use a system like this?


I don’t know if anyone is aware, but Ampersand have started making frames to fit their flat and cradled panels:

As far as I can tell, they are only available in limited sizes though.
So sorry no 6x6’s:

8x8 8x10 11x14 12x12 16x20

Instructions on how to frame:

Going to check this out,. thanks!

Carol Marine recommended Web Picture Frames some time ago for floater frames and I have ordered over a dozen of their frames. The frames are of excellent quality. It is hard to find the 6" x 6" size, so I am happy that they have a nice selection.

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I also ordered a largish quantity of these frames but I had issues with them. I have just written to the company and awaiting a response.

They even display them with @carolmarine artwork!

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I used a company where they frame the print for me and ship it out.