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Flat Panel or Gallery Wrapped Canvas - Your Preference?

(Candi Hogan) #1

Did find boxes for the 6 x 6 and 8x 8 that I could purchase in quantities of 25. But thinking about planning ahead, should I be painting on both the panels and the Gallery Wrapped Canvas in the future? Shipping would certainly be easier in the Document Mailers, but what do purchasers prefer? Any thoughts? Noticed some of my Gallery Wrapped Canvas’ are sometimes kind of a wonky shaped too!

(Terri-Anne Barge) #2

Great question and something I have been thinking about. When I paint for the gallery in town they want the gallery wrapped canvas or framed work. I’ve been painting on Arches watercolour paper and shipping them and so far that has been working. I had an experience with a gallery wrapped painting being damaged this year and they are a little more fragile than flat pieces. I’ll be watching the discussion here with interest.