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Feedback from buyers

(Nicole Barrière-Jahan) #1

Hi all, I’m relatively new on DWP, I have subscribed less than two months ago … I have been selling a few paintings and I’m wondering … Each time I have shipped a painting, I wrote a mail to the buyer, to thank her, and tell her that I was shipping the parcel, giving the tracking number and so on … I also write a personal card which I join to the painting…

I’m surprised that I didn’t receive any reply. I have been selling ACEO on Ebay ten years ago and I made the same… And the buyers were always very friendly replying… perhaps because it was often regular customers ? I don’t know…
I find that it would be great to know if people is happy when receiving the painting, I hope they are ???

What experience do you have ?

(John Shave) #2

Hi, yes I’m afraid this seems to be quite common. I have asked customers to let me know when the parcel is delivered so that I can gauge the time taken from the uk to the US. but mostly I don’t hear from them again. I’m always very helpful and friendly and let them know that I hope they are happy with the painting (or recently five paintings) but still no reply. I guess I can’t do much more. I’m sure others must have the same problem. Good luck. John

(Nicole Barrière-Jahan) #3

Thank you for your reply. At least, it reassures me to know that it can be the same for others …
Well, I was also wondering if it was not due tomy english which can certainly be beyond understanding :slight_smile:
But it’s funny, just asi was posting this question, I had a reply from my last customer, who told that " thank you for the tracking info and looking for the parcel … " :relaxed:

(Carol Marine) #4

This has been my experience, as well. No need, I think, to feel it’s personal. I am guessing our buyers, like everyone, have most moments of their day packed with things clamoring for their attention! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Cathleen Rehfeld) #5

I rarely get feedback from my buyers. A few have sent me a photo of the work hanging which is above and beyond… so when they respond that way, by sending me a photo, it makes me think they must be an artist too. A few have sent an email letting me know they received it. I guess if you are really motivated, you could follow up with an email that asks how their experience was, when they received it etc.

(Rachel Holland) #6

Sounds like you are doing your part to create a relationship with the customer. I often check back with customers to make sure they received it, if they don’t respond. True, they are busy with life and they forget being thankful is a grace.

(Nicole Barrière-Jahan) #7

Finally just received a message from one of my customer ! :slight_smile:
Telling that she was delighted with the painting … :blush:
Well … i have thanks her and told how much it was encouraging and stimulating to know that the buyers are happy :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing your experience too … I see that I don’t be afraid and guessing about my work when I don’t receive feedback :+1:

(Sunny Avocado) #8

Me too, same experience. Although abstracts on ebay gave me about 30% responses. I would follow up sometimes and maybe get a response from the 70%…

(Jane Grayson) #9

Hi , this conversation is so interesting to me! I’m a frequent observer of art, regular collector, and only hobby painter myself (never tried to sell anything of mine.)

Here is a perspective I’ll bet you wouldn’t expect. I have such enormous respect for how precious an artist’s time is, that I feel I create a “burden” by adding to the stack of emails an artist has to read. I’ve even seen artists’ web pages complaining about how much time is taken away from their paint time with emails etc. So, for sure, when I buy a painting, if the artist asks me to email them when I receive the painting I do! If I’ve bought more than a couple painting from that artist, I feel I have a relationship of sorts and will email regardless. But there are occasions when I assume someone else is handling the transaction for them and I’d be “bothering” the artist with an email telling them I got the painting and how I respond to the live painting. Your question sheds a new light on how I should think about the interaction! Thank you

(Nicole Barrière-Jahan) #10

Hi, Thank you for your opinion … I didn’t my self seen the question in that perspective :slight_smile: and imagine that customers would be afraid to disturb the painter… :slight_smile:
Well, painting is a solitary activity. If you sell in a gallery, you do not have a lot of contact with the customers. So this is an interesting aspect of selling directly. In addition, by selling online, buyers have not seen the painting in real life and they can be disappointed when receiving it … the colors may differ, etc … Personally, I am someone who doubts enormously . If I do not get a return, I’m always afraid that the reason is a disappointment …
So yes, I enjoy feedback :grinning:

(J. Dunster) #11

Don’t worry if you don’t hear back. I have repeat customers who keep buying even though I rarely hear from them. I am also sometimes bad about not emailing them (sometimes…) and yet as long as the painting arrives, it seems to be okay. (Needless to say, it is always better to send an email, even if you never hear anything back.)

(Valerie Smith) #12

I didn’t get one buyer or offer. That is why I cancelled.

(Fritz Jooste) #13

Hi All!
This was an interesting thread to find. I have also been a bit confused about the lack of feedback from clients via email. I always keep them updated on the process - when I received payment, when it was shipped, then checking back to see if they received it. One customer wrote a beautiful follow up email and we have exchanged emails since. But most others - nothing. Not that I am critical of them! I am just keen to know they received the painting and are satisfied.

At other times, the lack of response from prospective clients can be confusing. I have a client who asked for something to be put on hold while I had vacation toggle on. When I returned I emailed to let them know I am back and asking if they are still interested - no reply.

I sent another email a day or two later - just a short reminder. Again no reply. Then I get an email from them a day later asking “When are you back in the studio?”. It makes me wonder if somehow my email goes into their Spam folder or something. Anyone have an experience about that?

(Patricia J. Powers) #14

Anticipating Feedback from a buyer makes you vulnerable. Thank you DPW for not including it (like eBay) on your site. If somebody really wants to say something, they have my email…or they can comment. I will know they liked my work if they pay me, and then it’s time to close that door and paint another one.

(Trisha Adams) #15

I include a couple note cards of my artwork and a hand-written note thanking them for collecting my work. I email them with the tracking number, too. When they receive the artwork, most of the time they send me an email telling me they got it and they love it.