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Favorite Painters who inspire you

Hey, i’m new to DailyPaintworks and only just found the forum tab in the top corner.

I wanted to start a new topic to ask you all where you draw inspiration from. ?
Do you have certain painters of the past who motivate you each day to practice your craft and learn to become a better painter yourself… or do you just self motivate simply from life itself

My favorites are Edwin Landseer, John Martin, Arthur Wardle, John Singer Sargent

List below some of your Favorite Artists dead or alive …


Me too, John Singer Sargent!!! Beautiful, beautiful light! Also Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, Anders Zorn and Daniel Garber.
Best wishes and welcome to DPW! I’ve been on here for a couple of years and just having a revival, having been um, not very productive, for the last year - Lovely site, run by awesome people!
Best wishes

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Faith Bonacci,

I Can’t really say that I have a particular artist that I draw inspiration from. While I enjoy looking at others art, I’m not currently as well versed with others styli as I’d like to be. While I have always had a passion for doing art work, I’ve only in the last few years come to a place in life that I’ve been able to peruse it. It has been a wonderful journey for me to finally make friends with other Artist, and learn from them.
Most of my inspiration comes from wild life. Even growing up my favorite thing to do was check out the wildlife Encyclopedia from the Library and try drawing the animal. I also have an active imagination so doing peaces with fantasy and bright colors makes jump with excitement. In part some of my fantasy is probably inspired a bit from my favorite fantasy movies; Lord of the rings, Hobbit, Dragon heart, every version of Peter Pan, Avatar, and some anime, to name a few.

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yes you are absolutely right hilda, this site is ran by some very nice people indeed. I think its a great idea to bring artists together in a community kind of spirit, i love the ‘do it yourself’ nature of it.

I put a Monet documentary on Youtube a while ago called I, Monet… have you seen that one? it’s amazing : )

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That’s interesting to hear how you’re inspired by film, because i’m pretty sure i read somewhere that Art was the inspiration for film to be created in the first place, to bring atmospheric paintings to life so to speak. Wildlife is a huge inspiration to me also, endless subjects to study and be fascinated with…

Oh my gosh I have absolutely loads.
Not just painters from the past. Some of them are regulars on here. I follow lots of artists.

In terms of modern day painters, who make a living at what they do:
Paul Schulenburg, Julian Merrow-Smith, Carol Marine (of course), Colin Page, Sarah Sedwick, Haidee Jo-Summers, Karin Jurick, Kim Myers Smith, Claudia Hammer, Cathleen Rehfeld, Lori Putnam, Karen O’Neil, Kim English, Kenny Harris, Dairmuid Kelley, Simon Davis, Alison Hill… that’s to name just a few, I follow loads more.

Artists of the past. Number One: Edward Hopper is the artist that inspired me to become an artist. Who doesn’t love Edward Hopper? Also Anne Redpath, Gustav Klimt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Tamara de Lempicka. Again, by no means an exhaustive list.
Also David Hockney, but he’s in a league a bit of his own.

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Hello Mickey and welcome
Favourites? Wow that is hard to answer. The work I go back to again and again is Peder Mønsted and Ivan Shishkin for landscapes. I have also just discovered Sanford Robinson Gifford for landscapes. Vermeer for portraits. Velasquez for paint handling. Singer-Sargent for everything. David Hockney for freedom and joy and confidence in being himself.
To learn from, my go-to painter always is James Gurney. His blog and books have been my most important teacher by far. Also Cesar Santos is wonderful (but intimidating - a real contemporary master).

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Great question! There are so many excellent contemporary artists that I admire and follow. One of my favorites is Marc Dalessio whose landscapes have a strong foundation of accurate drawing, composition, and values combined with expressive brushwork. He has some good YouTube videos and a very informative blog. Other favorites are the amazing Carol Marine, Jim McVicker, James Coe, Timothy Horn, John MacDonald, Mark Boedges, and the incredible Andrew Tischler. Old masters that I admire; Ivan Shishkin, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Cezanne.

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Sargent, Charles Dana Gibson, Sorolla… the list goes on.

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Tom Thomson has been a big influence on me, especially in plein air painting.

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I always like Winslow Homer. I think it was more the message he put in his paintings.

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I love Nicolai Fechin, Richard Schmid, Dan Gerhartz, Dean Cornwell and so many more!