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Epson Scanner Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a great Epson Scanner for scanning watercolors? I’m looking for a scanner only (not a combination printer/scanner/etc) - just a stand-alone scanner. Thank You so much

I don’t do watercolor, but I have an Epson xp-800 which has served me well.

I would caution against using a flatbed scanner for watercolors. Unless you use smooth hotpress paper, the scanner will pick up more of the texture of the paper than can be normally seen with the eye. When reproducing on a printer the paper texture will really show up. If you don’t want to reproduce it maybe a scanner will work. There is also a size limitation. Any art larger than 8’ x 10" will not fit on a consumer scanner. The prosumer scaners are limited to about 17"x22". Any art larger than 18" x 24" need a professional drum scanner. But again, the same problem with paper texture. Best to use a good DSLR.

Thank you very much, Sunny!

Wow, Rafael, what a great reply! Sounds like really great information! I really appreciate the advice!