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Enhancement request for links

I think DPW is terrific! I’m so glad this forum has been created so artists can communicate with each other. There’s so much to share.

It would be helpful if the links which are posted in this forum can open as an external tab or page instead of replacing the form thread. Thanks!

We agree and we are looking into how to do that. Until (or if) we figure it out, you can hold down control on Windows and command on Mac when you click to open a link in a new tab/window.

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Found it! Unfortunately each user has to go to their preferences and check the “Open all external links in a new tab” checkbox. You can go to your preferences by clicking on the little circle with either your initial or an uploaded image in it in the upper-right corner of the forum. Then select the “Preferences” item in the menu that drops down.

Awesome! That was easy, thanks. :smile: