Edit "The Artist" in Gallery page

I am new… just 2 days ago. Can anyone tell me how to add photos and edit the section called “The Artist” on my Gallery page?

Hi Rhett,

Just click on “my paintworks”, then go into the section “account info and Bio section” and edit your profile details etc.

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You should look at the help guides, http://help.dailypaintworks.com/knowledgebase/index.php

And welcome!

Thank you Joseph. Yes, I know what I was doing wrong now. I was looking on my Gallery Page for the bio. I should have been looking on the DPW home page. I is a little confusing, but I am slowly getting it. Thank you.

I have found and edited my bio now, but I still am not sure how to add more photos other than the one I did add. I looked at Carol Marine’s bio and she has a number of photos on her page. I don’t see were you can add more photos and arrange the text. Any ideas?

Hi Rhett,

I would think that you can paste photos in the text in the bio box where you describe your art and yourself. For example, if I wanted to paste a photo or photos with this text, I use the command below

Select /Select all /Paste /Quote Level/ Insert photo or video/ Add attachment. I would then select insert photo and add the photo you want into the text and so on.

Best wishes

Joe Mahon

@bird_lover, I absolutely agree - there should be a way to set and update the bio image and text on The Artist page directly from the artist’s DPW Gallery website without having to go out of context to the Account Info page. This oversight was not by design, but rather due to the legacy evolution of DPW as I developed it over the years.

No worries - thanks to your observation, I have added an Update Bio Image & Info item to the top of the Admin Tools menu up at the top-left of the DPW Gallery websites. This link opens a window with the exact same form as in the Bio Image & Info tab in the Account Info page.

As for adding images to your bio text, there is currently no way to do that easily in DPW. To be clear, there is no way to upload images to insert into your bio text through DPW. There is a workaround, however, that Carol used, which is to upload the images elsewhere on the web, such as in another website, on Flicker, on Smugmug, on Photobucket, etc., and then insert HTML image tags with the source of the tags pointing appropriately to your uploaded images. This gets tricky, however: to insert HTML image tags in the bio text editor, you have to switch the editor to source mode, which will show you the HTML source for the currently entered bio text. Beware, this approach is not for the technically faint of heart! Also, a warning: the HTML editor which DPW uses for the bio text editor is not very robust. I have seen it do unpredictable, such as changing the HTML set manually in the source view, and even causing the bio text to appear differently on The Artist page than it looks in the editor. Because of this, I strongly recommend copying and pasting, into a text editor, the source HTML from the editor to save for later if the bio text needs to be reverted.

It is on my list to replace the current editor with a much better one that will allow uploading and inserting of images into the bio text. Unfortunately, my list is long!

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