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DPW Whats New? not working?

(Susan Gisborne) #1

Is there a glitch with the “whats new” page? Twice now my paintings have not appeared on that page on the day they were supposed to. As I was both times adding more than one item I used the feature that enables selection of a future date. I`ve rechecked the dates they were supposed to be featured in the paintworks grid thingy but they are not there (sobs…). Any thoughts, anyone?

(Irina Beskina) #2

Hi Susan, the best thing would be to write to DPW support. They usually answer very quickly. Just press “Support” button to the left of your Art Tracking Grid.

(Veronica Brown) #3

I’ve had that happen before. My painting was actually on the “What’s New” but I wasn’t seeing it. I had to refresh the page and clear out the “cached” or saved DPW page. Basically, it wasn’t refreshing. With that said, might be a good idea, as Irina suggested, to contact DPW Support…just in case :slight_smile:

(Susan Gisborne) #4

thank you! I`ll try that…

(Susan Gisborne) #5

Ok: Ill try that too, hadnt noticed that button: thank you!