DPW Whats New? not working?

Is there a glitch with the “whats new” page? Twice now my paintings have not appeared on that page on the day they were supposed to. As I was both times adding more than one item I used the feature that enables selection of a future date. I`ve rechecked the dates they were supposed to be featured in the paintworks grid thingy but they are not there (sobs…). Any thoughts, anyone?

Hi Susan, the best thing would be to write to DPW support. They usually answer very quickly. Just press “Support” button to the left of your Art Tracking Grid.

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I’ve had that happen before. My painting was actually on the “What’s New” but I wasn’t seeing it. I had to refresh the page and clear out the “cached” or saved DPW page. Basically, it wasn’t refreshing. With that said, might be a good idea, as Irina suggested, to contact DPW Support…just in case :slight_smile:

thank you! I`ll try that…

Ok: Ill try that too, hadnt noticed that button: thank you!