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DPW PICKS What does this mean?

(Cindy Zoglmann) #1

I received an email from David Marine that said “You’re one of our DPW Auction picks” What does this mean. I also see that there are DPW picks on other artist’s regular paintings as well.

(Sunny Avocado) #2

Your piece was chosen by DPW in an auction category called DPW Picks.

Edited by Carol Marine to change the link. Original link was to a page that is no longer available on DPW.

(Penny Hundley) #3

Ok, but what does it MEAN? I don’t think you answered Cindy’s question. I have had the same question.

(Connie McLennan) #4

I think it’s just a a little extra promotion–another grouping to catch shoppers’ attention.

(Penny Hundley) #5

Thanks, Connie. Never having been picked, I just wasn’t sure!

(Sarah Ross) #6

I’m wondering what criteria a painting must meet in order to be recognized as a pick? Are they purely result of a subjective decision, or based on other variables?

(Connie McLennan) #7

I think it’s subjective and that they try to show a good cross-section of members each week. Keep posting and you will get a turn.

(Andrea Jeris) #8

Carol, David, and Sophie run DPW and they pick the ones they like to be posted in the DPW Picks section in the left column. If buyers are interested in their opinions they can go to this page to view the art. You can always search the help pages for information. Lots of good stuff there.