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DPW + Instagram + Facebook?

Morning All,

Just curious… how far do you go when it comes to duplicating your work on the various social media? If you already use DPW and Instagram, for example, do you still also need a Facebook page?

Thanks, in advance, for your kind feedback!

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Interesting question, catching up on all social media could be time consuming while you want to spend more time actually doing art. I personally ignore FB, gladly DPW chooses my art to post there from time to time. So, only Instagram, that takes my main toll of time (and what I opened not for sales ) and DPW for safe and convenient check out. Yet I don’t claim it the only right way. Some people develop pinterest as well


Hi Julia,

Good points. I started to setup Facebook and already I can tell it may take more of my time than it’s worth to me.

Thanks for your thoughts!


I have a facebook PAGE so that when I post to Instagram the post automatically is posted to facebook as well. That said, I dislike the facebook page. It’s too complex; nothing simple about setting it up, and there’s the constant offer of paying for boosted posts. However, since designing a PAGE I have hundreds more followers that I wouldn’t have reached with my normal facebook presence.
I find better engagement on IG, probably because I only follow other artists, comment only on artists posts, so all I see now is art. Jo Reimer Art on facebook; jo_reimer on instagram.

Hi Jo,

I know, right? I haven’t used Facebook for years now (I prefer Instagram) and the PAGE thing is so awkward. REALLY interesting to note that you gained followers thru your PAGE though.

Thanks for your perspective!

I use DPW and Instagram. DPW because it gives me a website and a checkout should anyone want to buy anything. Instagram because I like the camaraderie and inspiration of others’ work. I used FB business page for a number of years but grew tired of the pressure to pay for promoted posts, especially as, in the end, my posts got no visibility unless I did pay. I was proud of reaching 1500 followers but could see that often my posts were only seen by less than 10 (!) unless I had paid. So I closed it and have no regrets. Other artists have said they make good sales on FB but I never did. I don’t think I have the knack to use social media well, so now I don’t stress about it any more, and am happier as a result.
I think - do what you want, not what you think you ought. Then you will feel happier.

Makes perfect sense, Karen. Thanks for the feedback!

I think the gain of followers is mostly due to the PAGE being public while my normal feed is set to private. That causes the FB suggestion algorithm to suggest me to other artists as well as those interested in art.

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